Thought provoking stories

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When I received Send Her Back and Other Stories, I was instantly drawn to how completely jarring the cover is. I think this is a perfect cover and it exudes so many emotions and really sets the tone of the book. The author, Munashe Kaseke, seems to bare her soul with this collection of short stories. She beautifully and realistically shines a light on what it is like to be an immigrant black woman in America, and she does not hold back!

Her stories always follow a female Zimbabwean protagonist, but each one feels wholly unique. I found all the stories to be thought provoking and the writing strong though out. Some of her stories were heartbreaking while others were quite uplifting. I truly feel like the author taught me a lot about the hardships and tribulations of immigrant life and I am glad I read this book. Definitely recommend for someone who want to get a look at a different perspective.