So many different emotions!

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If you are looking for a book that will evoke all of your emotions, this is the book for you. It's a book of short stories of Zimbabwean women, who either live in Zimbabwe or have immigrated to America. Stories of women dealing with racism, doing what they can to become citizens and sending money back to support their spouse, family, extended family and so on. There are so many stories that will stick with me. Send Her Back and The Collector of Degrees shows just how difficult it is to actually become a citizen. They tried to do everything correctly, but the system just fails them. The Zimbabwean Dream really was upsetting. Rudo is doing the best she can to make a living for herself and her family. I won't give any spoilers, so you just have to read it. Overall, I really enjoyed the book, but then I read the From The Author, and that really made me love it more.