Send Her Back and Other Stories Review

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*received for free from netgalley for honest review* I was given the free audiobook version of this book for an honest review so i will admit if there is any artwork in this book i sadly missed out on it but i think artwork would really make this book to an entirely different level! That being said, the audiobook was really awesome and i would recommend it to anyone.

This was a really great book for me. Would have been such a helpful book for me as a child, growing up in a weird racist world. This is certainly a book i would reread, recommend and buy for myself, I'd also buy this for a child if i had one because this was just such a great, important read. I find it a bit harder to write reviews of books like this because I don't think most of the people i would recommend it to would feel the same way as me reading it as they just didn't deal with the same things, they should absolutely still read it though.