Moving, poignant

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I'm not sure when I last read a book of stories, but I'm glad I read this one. This was a moving, and at times eye-opening, collection detailing various aspects of the immigrant experience, from dealing with snow and cold, to trying to support a family back home, to visiting home after years abroad, to dealing with stereotypes and other forms of ignorance.

The stories I found most moving were Send Her Back, about an under-appreciated healthcare worker, The Collector of Degrees, about trying to stay in the country legally through an endless stream of educational courses, Ghost of My Mother, about a child custody battle, and The Zimbabwean Dream about the demands of family on one trying to support them from abroad.

This was not an easy read, as many of the stories were quite sad, at least at times, but it was certainly a worthwhile read, and I would be interested to read more by this author.