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It's hard to believe that someone can write humorously about a topic that is hurtful and cringeworthy. Kaseke is a master writer, a scholar and a very capable person. According to Vox, "Send Her Back," is also the chant Donald Trump started at a rally in North Carolina. He was referring to Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a Somali refuge who became a US citizen, and was elected to Congress by an overwhelming majority of voters in her Minneapolis district. This is not a novel, it is a collection of 15 stories involving people from Zimbabwe. It is interesting how superficial attributes are more or less attractive in different, but positive ways, but when the relationships sour, it is those physical attributes that are used to insult and condemn. Have we learnt anything? One story is about a Zimbabwe woman who is living as undocumented and has been accepted into medical school. She is also the sole provider for herself and family still in Zimbabwe. So complicated!