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Send Her Back and Other Stories by Munashe Kaseke is an important book about of short stories about the social climate centering around immigrant women from Africa and racism in America today. This book is a collection of stories that are about women from Zimbabwe who immigrated to America, live in America, or live in Zimbabwe. These stories are a very great and emotional read. I felt so many things while reading these stories from upbeat and hopeful to sadness and anger. Two of my favorite stories were Ghost of My Mother and Torture in Minnesota. There's a common theme among all 16 stories, and they are told in a variety of point of views. Send Her Back and Other Stories can be a heavy read as most of them deal with negative experiences. I enjoyed learning a little about Zimbabwean culture and the inclusion of Shona words helped expand my cultural vocabulary. I definitely recommend this book for those interested in learning about the female immigrant experience.