Heavy Read

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Wow! First off thank you to bookish first for picking me as a winner for a finished copy of Send Her Back. I wasn’t sure I wanted a copy of this book, but was completely amazed by the writing in the first impression. This took a lot of thinking about during and after reading this book. I enjoyed it right from the beginning, although It was not easy to get into. This book was a heavy read. I had to break it down into days and a few short stories at a time. With a title “ Send Her Back” I do not think people will find it funny and lighthearted.

The writing was exceptional in this book. You really get insight as to how she was treated, and it sheds light on how others have been treated.

This is a book, is one that is so important to read- especially in todays society. It gives perspective, insight and shows what immigrant’s have been going through long before this book was written.