Great collection

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Send Her Back and Other Stories is an informative, entertaining, insightful, honest and interesting collection of short stories that expertly reveal to the reader the struggles faced by many in this country, specifically black, immigrant women. What I truly love about this collection is that it shows the unique beauty in all of us, regardless of where we come from and our individual circumstances, while also showing the many obstacles faced and shared by women. Send Her Back touches on the desire to love and be loved, the cries for respect, and the need for women to have a voice in the push towards an equal society; it shows that while we are all so very different from each other, we all hope for and strive towards the same things.

I enjoyed the audiobook; the narration effectively drew me into the stories. I liked hearing about Shona culture and listening to the language/words sprinkled throughout the various tales. The pace and inflection was spot-on and kept me hooked, adding to my enjoyment of this short story collection.

I highly recommend Send Her Back and Other Stories; hopefully it brings with it an improved understanding of others.