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I absolutely think I've stumbled onto one of my new favorite writers with this book. The writing style is almost poetic. As someone who writes as a hobby I found myself smiling internally reading this as if to say "I KNOW you're proud of this one girl." A hypothetical high-five, if you would. I frequently paused to quote the beautifully architected lines that, if were composed as a song, would be deemed of "lyrical genius." I very much relate to the protagonist of the story. From the readers perspective she is an intelligent, and focused woman hellbent on looking her trauma in the eyes, yearning to finally free herself from herself.

The dynamic of a woman and her friend Ellie, who both finally found someone of similarity within each other. This solidarity between the two of them leads us to our story. Which is the story of their travels together, to the places where they each had faced their most damaging abuses. It's done in a manner that DOESNT push the typical "Woe is me" victim narrative but it's displaying the power of taking accountability and giving it to whom it truly belongs. The author is a cold glass of water for those of us thirsty for something raw and intuitive but not convoluted.