This book is for thinking first, feeling second

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I misunderstood the intention of this book when I first read it, which is why it took so long for me to get through it.

This is not a plot-driven book. Whoever wrote the summary (forgot the industry term) on the back made it appear like this book would explore how two friends would battle against trauma in a soap opera narrative, and this book does not do that. Instead, it presents an introspective thought catalog of the protagonist and her relationship with her traumas, her past relationships with others, and her experience growing up Iranian-American.

I don't think the narrative is going to resound with the majority of readers, but that's because the book is not intended for the wide majority -- and that' s absolutely and wonderfully okay, and should be encouraged. Despite not being able to fully connect with the protagonist, I was still able to sympathize with her, and found myself caring for her and wanting to know more about her and how she became who she was. This book delivers that!

The voice in this book was simplistically satisfying. I thought there were a few descriptions that could be cut, but these moments never deterred me from plunging into this book completely. I'm really glad to have read this, and excited to have gotten to know these characters. Looking forward to Azareen's next book!