The story was interesting

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I found the actual story being told through this book was a great one. It was filled with emotional moments, both highs and lows, but I did find it hard to keep up. Sentences seemed to run on and with each new paragraph it seemed to switch to a different place, past/present event, or a different person. It seemed like some paragraphs should/would have indicated a new chapter. It was a bit (quickly) back and forth throughout a given chapter. The story itself was compelling and heartbreaking. Being an adult and looking back on the life events that have changed you, or made you have the "what ifs" is sometimes a very hard thing to do. It is necessary to do this in order to grow and overcome current struggles. To have a best friend who understands you and is willing to go on that journey with you says a-lot. Disclosure - I read an ARC copy so some of these things I am pointing out could have been changed a bit in the final copy!