The book grabbed me

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Well one thing I can say is she obviously has some daddy issues. Her distraught relationship with her dad is the reason I feel she’s in love with Omar. I don't know if I read this correctly but it said he was in his 40’s which is devastating to me. The description of her father makes me absolutely sick. How he fetishes her mom and it's just sick. And he's BRITISH! and he's saying something about “her people” his people are practically animals they colonized everything they saw. If I was arezu u would have to drag me to even speak to that man literally
ew. I really felt her whole relationship with her dad I relate me and my dads relationship is REALLY rocky so that part felt so real to me. I kinda wish this would've been told from when she first went to marbella instead of flashbacks. The part about her brother getting attacked had my shivering and on edge omg I was almost in tears.