The Race Against Terrorist: Action Packed Thriller

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This book is filled with so much imagery and action from the very beginning. Even though the beginning of the book was jaw dropping and sickening, I like that’s how the book started. It got me engaged right away. I like that you know from the very beginning why the bad guys are bad. Some books I have read takes awhile for you to understand what is wrong with the opposing side but from the very beginning I was filled with hatred toward the terrorist’s group. The author did so well of starting the book off strong and clearly showing what kind of people these terrorists are. It got me and I am sure it will for other involved and emotionally tied to the situation right away. I also really liked the writing style. You can clearly tell the thinking of the people as they speak. Like you can almost hear the bitterness in the terrorist’s words. And the words used to describe the scene is perfect for the type of book and sets the mood and tone of the story. I really like the plot and think it would be a thrill ride to read.

I don’t have much to say on the cover. There really isn’t an identifying mark on the cover. It’s pretty plain, which I don’t mind. I like the coloring and shading which helps to give a certain feel to the book but there really isn’t much to look at.