Too descriptive but overall intriguing debut

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Great writing debut by Alexis Schaitkin, SAINT X was an intriguing premise from the very beginning. I did find myself getting bored from the full pages of descriptive paragraphs, and I would begin to skip pages just to find when the story would pick back up again because it was a slow building development with multiple POVs from various characters associated with the victim (Allison). The main POV is from the victim's sister, Clairey/Emily, who was a young girl when the family went on the fateful vacation in which Allison would not return from. The tragedy of losing her sister impacted her life significantly and when she finds herself in a NYC cab of one of the suspects, Clariey/Emily becomes obsessed with finding the answers as to what really happened to Allison. I was not satisfied with the ending and felt there were a lot of unanswered questions, which is maybe with the author intended.