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So unexpected!

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While on vacation with her family on the island of Saint X in the Caribbean, Alison mysteriously disappears, plunging her family into a state of turmoil, including her younger sister Claire, who is only seven years old. Several days later Alison’s body is found, but after the initial suspects are released the family is left without any answers.

Fast-forward a number of years and Claire, who now goes by Emily, is living in New York City and working in the publishing industry. When she gets into a cab driven by one of the men thought to have killed her sister, Emily’s life will forever change as she walks a fine line in her pursuit of the truth.

Alexis Schaitkin, weaving news articles, interviews, and voice recordings into the body of her novel, tells a story of obsession and discovery. I greatly enjoyed reading all of these various perspectives and voices and feel it added a lot to the mood of novel. I also enjoyed the characters she created and found myself having more sympathy for some than I thought I would when I began; her characters are so complete and extremely well-written.

Saint X is available February 18th from Celadon Books. Thank you to Celadon Books for an ARC of Saint X, given in exchange for an honest review.