Not what expected, but so much more.

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"The truth! The truth! Good, fine, but for what? With the truth we will be do what, become what? And in gaining the truth, what will we lose? ... - that there is nothing the truth can give you that you cannot give yourself. That in the end, you just have to decide. To love. To continue."

I'm not sure what I was expecting when I picked up this book. The blurb on the back had my mind focused on reading a murder mystery, a crime thriller where you have a family member doing everything they can to get the justice that was denied them. But that not really what Claire wants, and as you follow along on this dark path of blinding obsession that not what you want either. As you alternate, unbeknownst to you, through different timelines to get a full picture of the devastating and loneliness that can befall a person.
In this day and age we put so much weight on closure, on needing to tie up all personal loose end, but how far are we prepared to go - how much are we prepared to lose. You never know if you're reading about a decent into madness or the actual unfolding of a mystery.

A story that's a grab-bag of themes: speaking on race, privilege, starting over, obsession and loneliness. I was left as lose as some of the characters, wondering on the impact Allison left on me after reading this book. Maybe sometimes the truth is left hidden. It wasn't what I expected but I was given so much more.