More Than a Thriller

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Saint X follows Claire Thomas as she searches for the truth about her sister Alison’s death 18 years ago. Claire was only 7 when her sister, who was a freshman at Princeton, died. The family was on their annual winter vacation in the tropics. That year the Thomas family visited Indigo Bay Resort in beautiful Saint X. Alison disappears on the last day of their vacation; her body is found a few days later. Although two young male resort employees are persons of interest in the case, it eventually grows cold.

Sounds like a riveting thriller ripped right from the headlines, right? I thought immediately of Natalie Holloway when I read the blurb for Saint X. However, Saint X is more than that. It’s also about Claire working through her grief over her beloved sister’s death. It’s about Claire coming to terms with her privileged childhood. Most of all, Saint X is about Claire figuring out her identity outside of her sister’s sensational death.

If you want something different than the usual thriller fare, Saint X is for you.