Hard to put down

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This is the premise of Alexis Schaitkin’s debut mystery thriller novel Saint X , the name of a fictitious island in the Caribbean where the rich and privileged go to have a good time. On the surface, this may sound like a murder mystery with the ultimate objective being uncovering the truth and pursuing justice....but the story is so much more complicated than that. Truth be told, this is not your typical crime thriller-themed novel in the sense that the themes it explores run deep — grief, obsession, family, sisterly devotion, class, privilege, the pursuit of the truth, etc. The mystery surrounding the death of Alison Thomas is a main focus of the story, yet at the same time, it can also be said that the story isn’t really about her death, but rather, the aftermath of it — specifically the far-reaching impact that her death and the events leading up to it has on all the characters.