Great debut novel and selection for a book club read!

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A stellar debut novel, just released by Celadon Books! This is a story that will linger with you, make you uncomfortable, challenge your way of thinking, and last for days while you process what you've just read. The story begins with a well off family, visiting Saint X for a family vacation. Two sisters are the center of the story, one young and one college age. Even though the family is well off, they experience much of the same feelings and experiences any of us could relate to, while they are away from home, experiencing a new land, and trying to relax together on vacation. Unfortunately, vacation for this family, ends in tragedy with the death of one sister.

What continues, is a chance to revel in the experiences of those involved in the disappearance, those who were on the island at the time of death, both tourists and locals, and how one horrible experience can affect such a wide variety of people over time, in so many different ways. This story brings together experiences and almost a recreation of a future for some characters, trying to change the direction of their lives based on secrets and what they feel they know as the truth - their truth. Sometimes memories aren't experienced the same or remembered the same by those who were there at the same time, whether it be age or place in life or what we choose to hold on to as memories. But without a doubt, everyone is affected in some way, shape or form by this horrible occurrence, thus making a mark on the paths each chooses in life.

This book was so well woven together, flowing like the water upon the white sands of Saint X. Whose experience and memories do we truly believe in the end? Pick up this book - another great book club read if you are looking for a wide variety of topics for discussion, while having a book selection that will keep everyone's interest, from the romance reader to the thrill seeker!