Good but not great

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So I didn’t find this to be a thriller really. More of a family drama. It’s the sister relationship that first drew me to this book and even though that part was good, it wasn’t enough to keep this book from being stale and sometimes odd for me.
Because the premise is a young girl (Alison)goes missing while her family is on vacation in the Caribbean, I was heavily reminded of the Natalee Holloway case. Even down to the part where people report seeing her at a bar with two local boys.
Claire who is 7 at the time is obviously traumatized as are her parents, and twenty years later we find her going by her middle name Emily, and working for a prestigious publishing house in NYC.
Then one day she gets into a cab and find that the driver is none other than Clive, one of the locals that was implicated in her sister’s disappearance.

I liked this book a lot, but it was a bit all over the place for five stars.