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A little bit disappointed

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In SAINT X, Claire and her family are on vacation at a resort on the Caribbean island of Saint X when one day, her sister Alison is found dead. Years later, Claire encounters the suspect of her sister's murder.

If you are expecting to read a fast-paced thriller, then Saint X isn't for you. This book dives deep into the character's story and mind, being way focused on them at times. While the writing was great, I found the paragraphs quite long and I often got lost. Hence, there were times when I was impatient with so many details (and slow pace) that I skipped some parts of the story. I just wanted to find out the truth behind the death of Alison however the author intended to show how her death affected her family and many lives surrounded.

That being said, the author explores in details issues of obsession, privilege, grief, lies and secrets. In the last 60 pages, I couldn't stop reading and the ending was well done.