5 Thrilling Stars!

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This book was awesome! There is a lot of different feelings running through this book and all of te characters are well described and I just had to sit and read it until the last page. This book was like reading a psychological suspense novel, which I am certain it is. This is also a debut book for Alexis Schaitkin, and it was so good I will be waiting for her next book!

In the beginning, a wealthy family goes to a tiny island called Saint X, the mom, dad, a 7 year old little girl named Claire, and her college aged sister Alison. They are having a good time, but Claire is keeping secrets about her sister Allison, who i leading a whole different life at night when everybody is sleeping and she sneaks out.

The night before they leave, Alison sneaks out for the last time, but this time she doesn't come back. A huge search for her discovers her body floating in a nearby cay. This is so terrifying to Claire, as she is asked questions by the police and does not say anything- she is afraid her parents will blame her for not saying anything the whole time they are there.

Clive and Edwin, their waiters from days spent at the beach have secretly been partying with Alison, and later the last night when she disappears, are arrested, but later released as their is no evidence to really convict them. However Clive is arrested when a search warrant is served at his Grandma's house and drugs are found.

Many years later when Claire is living and working in New York, she hails a cab, and Clive is the driver! Claire feels this is a sign for her to try to talk to Clive and see what he remembers and if he did harm to her sister.

This is where Claire starts acting like she is psychologically damaged. She starts trailing Clive. After some time passes, she goes into the restaurant he goes to every single night, gets behind him in line, and she acts like she is surprised to see him. She buys him a drink and they sit down together. Claire starts going to the restaurant every other day or so, and after they leave she follows him wherever he goes.

The thing that stands out to me in all of this, is through doing all of this, it becomes less of trying to find out what happened to her sister. This is really what she is doing without realizing this. Claire is trying to live through the memory of her sister. Eventually Clive realizes who she is, and they have a talk about what happened and he disappears.

Claire is devastated but comes to realize that what she knew as a little girl and what she remembers now, are two totally different things.

This book was a real page turner, and I am so glad I read it. The suspense kept me on the edge of my seat, and I will put this book in my "read again" pile of books. The writing captued my attention from the first page to the last.

I gave this book 5 thrilling stars!