Turn the creep factor up for this one!

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I read this in October which was the perfect time to read it in my opinion!

Becca has been missing for over a year, and while its been written off as her running away with her boyfriend, her sister Sara doesn't believe it.

There is a legend of Lucy Gallows. Lucy traveled a road into the woods and was never heard from again. Sara is convinced that Becca had the same experience. She decides to go look for her on the one night that the road will be visible to everyone.
She isn't going alone, although she wants to. Her friends won't let her and they all insist of coming with her.
This book brought back tons of memories of books I read by Christopher Pike and RL Stine back in the day. I'm usually not a big horror fan, but this was an exception. I loved the legend in it and most of all I love the friendship in this book. How Sara's friends stick by her and don't let her go through anything alone!