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This story grips you with its creepiness!

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I received Rules for vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall in exchange for a honest review. From the moment I started reading it, I was hooked. It has been a year since the main character in the story, Sara has lost her sister to the The Road. Many people believe that her sister had left with her boyfriend, even though Sara had said her sister went to find the road. This is dismissed by many because the road is a local myth that started with the disappearance of Lucy Gallows. She believes that her sister is trapped on the road. Sara and her friends (Sara and Becca had mutual friends) Set out to find the road on the anniversary of Beccas disappearance. Whithout their knowledge in the beginning they are being guided by a ghost. The road is a scary place with many ghosts and monsters that test the friends. There are 7 gates which each time they enter a new one, it starts in complete darkness for 13 steps. Each time they go thru they darkness, things try to break them apart to make them part of the road. The tests the road gives them brings out who these people really are and secrets are revealed. Will Sara find Becca? Will they all get of the road alive? This book definitely delivered the creepy and suspense factors.