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This is one of those books that after you finish it. You just stare into space, not really speaking, or thinking. Like you quite can’t comprehend it’s over. That is to say. It’s a very good book. I hesitate to say it’s a horror story. Because it feels less like something created to scare. With all the different creatures and consciousnesses. And more like a local legend come to life. Adding to that, it ends kinda abruptly. Leaving you with a lot of questions and not very many answers. Legend don’t usually have all the ‘facts’. So it fits with the format of the story. Which is very interesting in it of itself. It’s sorta like reading through a case file. (Thats mentioned in the beginning.) It does make the timeline a bit difficult to follow though. And the ending. Holy cow. There are so many places you could go with it. As I mentioned above, so many questions. Loose ends that are begging to be tied up. So I desperately hope there is a sequel.