Soo good.

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I genuinely loved this book so much, it was wonderful. Like it was entertaining, and terrifying and I had to stay up all night to read it because I just loved it that
much. It’s twisted, it’s strange but it’s wonderful. I enjoyed the many twists and turns it had, the plot is a bit frightening but it’s really so good.

Like some books you can tell when work has been put in, when the author has put thought in, and you know they thought of what they were writing before writing anything. This is that type of book.

Everything has so much thought and detail and characterization to it. It’s wonderful. This is definitely not a comfy by the fireplace type of boom, it’s upsetting and it has a really really weird environment or ambience.

But that adds to the book, if you’re in the mood for something different. This is a must read, I highly highly recommend!!