Perfectly Creepy!

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Rules for Vanishing is the perfect fall read! It’s Blair Witch Project-like style is just the right amount of creepy. It’s sure to get you in the mood for Halloween.

So what’s it about? High schooler Sara’s sister, Becca, has been missing for a year. The police and Sara’s parents are sure that Becca has run away and will come back when she’s ready. Sara and Becca used to be inseparable, so Sara is sure that Becca wouldn’t just walk away.

Sara found a notebook in Becca’s room filled with notes about Lucy Gallows. This is a local legend about a young girl that disappeared in the forest on her sibling’s wedding date. Lucy is said to haunt the woods still, stuck on the “road” that leads to the old town of Briar Cliff, which burned down more than 100 years ago.

On the 1 year anniversary of Becca’s disappearance, Sara and a few of her friends go into the forest in search of the road and Lucy Gallows. They document their journey on cell phones and cameras.

The book is structured like a case file, with evidentiary exhibits in the form of cell phone videos, text messages, social media posts, etc. These exhibits are interspersed among interview sessions with Sara conducted by the mysterious Dr. Ashford and his assistant, Abby.

To say I enjoyed this book is an understatement. It was creepy without being too creepy. The ending was ambiguous, which I loved. The format of the book created the perfect ominous tone and atmosphere for the book.

What I loved most about Rules for Vanishing is that you can take it at face value as just a creepy story and enjoy it that way. Or you can read deeper into the story, like me. I interpreted a lot of the plot as allegorical, which added so much texture and meaning to my reading experience.

Bottom line: I hope you read this book.