Paranormal Perfection

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I loved the style that this book was written in. Documentary style, with interviews, exhibits, transcriptions of video footage, test printouts, etc. It made it so fresh and interesting. It immediately transports you into an unsettling and eerie place, and is impossible to put down. It locks you in the ride and doesn't let you off until your voice is hoarse from screaming. It's fast paced, intriguing, and keeps you on your toes and looking over your shoulder. No one is safe, and the foreboding feeling swells around you more and more with each page read.
I haven't read a lot of YA horror (or much horror in general), but this has made me want to read more. I would definitely say it was one of my favorite reads of the year. I will pick up anything else by Kate Alice Marshall, especially if she writes any more paranormal capers with Dr. Ashford and Abby Ryder.