Loved this Book!

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i loved this book! I have recommended it to my only friend/family that will read horror. It was so scary that I couldn't read this book at night! i had to read it in the daytime or at night while my husband was awake. I was so scared of this book but I loved every minute of it. I like the epistolary style of the book. It just added to the mystery of the story. I just want more from this author. I wish that this story could keep going on but it was ended at the perfect time. I can not wait to read her next novel. I read reviews that she references Rules for Vanishing in her newest novel. I need to pick that one up once it comes out.
I recommend this book to anyone that is brave enough to read horror and be scared out of their pants. I will be thinking about this book for a very long time. It scared me so much that I will compare every horror story to this one. Will I ever find another book like this one?