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It was a decent ghost story

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This is a ghost story about a towns legend. Once a year the road shows up and people tend to not come back. Sara's sister Becca disappeared on the road the year before. Now it is Sara's turn to walk to the road.

Now this was a fun book to read curled up in bed while a thunder storm raged outside. It was fast pace and creepy. Sometimes books read like movies. This is one of those books.

It was missing a lot of character and world development. The characters are given a few lines of back story and I find myself not invested in them. I wish I would have connected more to them. If that connection was there I would have been more on my edge as things happen.

The world isn't built up that well either. It was so fast pace you didn't get to really get lost in the story.

It starts off a little slow for me, but by the middle you know something else is happening. Sadly it pretty predictable.

Overall it was not a book that I wanted to read in one sitting, but it was a fun ghost story.