I read it in one night!

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This is a VERY fun YA horror/thriller--it gave me practically everything I'd want in such a book. I read it in October, and it was the perfect atmospheric read! From the fairly well-developed group of teens to the horrifying world they enter, almost everything in this novel was spot-on, and the writing was so immersive and seamless that it propelled me on breathlessly from one chapter to the next. There were a few plot points that seemed just the tiniest bit cheesy, but somehow they didn't really dampen the overall effect and suspense of the plot. I particularly appreciated the characterization of the MC--she was relatable, as were many of her friends. It was also great to have a lesbian MC, particularly where her queerness wasn't the MAIN note of her character but played an element in her relationships. Also, the final set of twists was really fun and partly unexpected, which doesn't happen to me that often. I'd highly recommend this novel!!