Great Halloween Read!

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The Rules for Vanishing was a great, creepy Halloween read! I really enjoyed it! I completely got a “Blair With Project” vibe from it and really enjoyed the back and forth between text messages, interviews, emails and the story line.

Sara misses her sister, its been 1 year since her sister Becca went into the woods to travel the myth of the road that only appears once a year and I find the fables lost Lucy from decades before. Sara and a bunch of her close friends decide to go on the anniversary of Becca’s disappearance to bring her back from the road/Forest. Little do they know what awaits them where nothing is what it seems and you can only trust yourself.

Told in the format of the actually story with chapter breaks for texts, interviews etc. I really liked the story and I loved the supplemental breaks in between that added more to the story and made it way more creepier!