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Good, but the ending was eh.

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I must say that the Rules for Vanishing story caught me up pretty quickly. I really liked the supernatural parts with the gates and the dark and the yelling crows and the mansion with the creepy hollow lady. I liked those parts better than the trying to find Becca who ran off and followed the road a year ago and disappeared. Sara had a bunch of good friends to help her though and I liked them pretty well.

I had to flip back a few times to remember people since there seemed to be ones that appeared and disappeared without me noticing. That part was a bit annoying, except then I also started paying attention to the times and that was cool.

So, the story was good until the ending when I think the author tried too hard to tie it all in with some ancient evil and then it kind of all fell apart and I was confused about what happened. It was all kind of discombobulated.

Still, it was a fun read and would make a fairly good spooky Halloween story.