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Ghost story

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This book is compared with a movie, The Blair Project, that was a mocumentary ghost horror story. While I never bothered to watch the movie, I am very aware of the technique used. The film was disjointed, things happened out of order and with little to do with a coherent plot, the story had no real ending. Unfortunately, this book does have a lot in common with that film and not in a good way.
We have a ghost story. There is this road that only shows up for a short time and only to certain people. At least one of the people in the group preparing to explore the road must be "called" by the road. The group must be an even number. Everybody goes two by two. They must bring keys so they can open the gates guarding the road. Once they start, no one can leave the road.
Back in the 50's, a girl called Lucy was called by the road. She never came back. Last year a girl called Becca was called. She hasn't come back either. This year her sister is called. The book is her journey and the "investigation" when she returns. She left with more people than she returned with. We expect that with horror stories. She also returns with an much older ghost than she was looking for.
The story is told in reports, phone recordings, interrogations, therapy sessions and memories. There is a partial attempt to have things move in a linear fashion, but time is very malleable in this book. The non-ending ending follows all the other actions, but it could have just as easily been in the prologue. I was not satisfied by the book. I was left mildly confused. I thought there were more untied threads than needed to be.