exceeded my expectations!

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As one of my most anticipated reads this book truly exceeded my expectations!!
Hands down couldn't be more comparable to the "Blair Witch Project" It was creepy in all the right places while certainly keeping you on the edge of your seat and eyes glued to the pages.
I did not want to put this book down, the suspense was too good.

The way this book is written, with its dual timelines between the current events of what happened while they're happening through the gates and path that six-young teens ventured on, as well as the aftermath of it all. Interviews between the teens who survived the incident in the woods were included in between chapters as well as text message scripts. This format really helped define the "Blair Witch" part of it with its documentary-style writing.

Sara's sister Becca went missing one day in the woods, where another girl before her went also missing. The urban legend of Lucy Gallows turned out to be anything but a myth when Sara convinces her estranged friends in joining her to go on the hunt for her long lost sister Becca, that was friends with them all and left without a trace. Sara never could get over the fact that Becca just "ran away" so she became obsessed with the myth of Lucy Gallows and everyone who has had something to say about the woods in Briar Wood, Massachusetts. Upon Sara's obsessesion she made a choice within the year that Becca vanished, to find her sister at all costs even if that means risking her life, or her friend's lives.

Without each teen aware of what they're getting themselves into, Sara is just grateful that they are by her side and about to enter the darkness with her no matter there differences since Becca's disappearance. Having to wait until April a year exactly after Becca disappeared, they soon quickly understand that rules are meant to be followed, and if you want to play the game then rules can't be broken at all costs. There are 6 gates to get through and you must do them with a partner. Two by two by two by two. If the numbers change to odds you must find a new partner to make it through the last gate or else you will be stuck in the darkness forever. You don't age in the darkness or get hungry and time passes without you realizing it. You have to continue to survive and wait for another player in the game to arrive and use them as a partner if you have any chance at ever escaping that is how it works.

Rules For Vanishing truly was such a suspenseful mystery with thriller-like aspects to it, that truly emerges the reader from the very pages of the book to the actual woods of Briar Glen.
I will be highly recommending this to everyone, especially those YA readers out there who are looking for a great spooky story for the fall season. This one gets all the stars!!!