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Creepy perfection

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Rules for Vanishing was such a dark, spooky read. I regularly read horror novels though so I don't find many books to be all that scary. If you like ghost stories though, this is definitely the book for you. One thing to note is that the book follows multiple perspectives. I know some people hate that so it's worth pointing out.

Rules for Vanishing follows Sara, the main character, as she tries to find her missing sister. To find her sister, she and her friends take a journey down a ghost road where another girl has also vanished. In addition, they have to pass through seven gates, each unleashing a different fear (kind of like a set of trials).

This definitely wasn't the story I was expecting, and I'm pleasantly surprised. It was creepy and perfect in its creepiness. There were number of plot twists sure to keep you on your toes!