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A uniquely creepy tale with a twist

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In the town of Briar Glen there is an urban legend. The ghost of Lucy Gallows calls to you from a road that appears only once a year. The rules seem simple: Have a partner, bring a key, find the road, and help Lucy. If you manage to make your way to the end of the road and find Lucy you get to leave with your lives and a wish. One year ago Sara's sister Becca disappeared while searching for the road and Lucy. The town dismissed it as a runaway but Sara knows the truth. Determined to find her sister and bring her back Sara and her eight companions set out to travel the road on the anniversary of Becca’s disappearance… but not all of them will make it back alive.

I really enjoyed I Am Still Alive so I was very excited to get my hands on this new horror novel by author Kate Alice Marshall. The Rules of Vanishing is a uniquely written story which includes evidence known as the Ashford files: a series of interviews, exhibits, and supplements. These evidence files attempt to piece together what really happened the night Sara and eight others entered the woods in an attempt to find the road and bring Becca home. Not everyone made it back that night and Sara and the other survivors don't appear to remember exactly what happened. As the story unfolds, you soon discover a deeply complex tale which lead to some really great twists and turns along the way. Sara and her companions travel the road, taking the reader on a creepy, hair-raising, and frightening adventure. This novel quickly lures you in, holds you tight, and doesn't let you go...I didn't want to put it down. I loved how the story was written and the footnotes and evidence files included really up the eerie factor. If you are looking for a unique, creepy, and twisted tale that’s perfect for fall reading then this novel is definitely for you. A must read for 2019!