A Fantastic Read!

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I really enjoyed reading this book. Rules for Vanishing is amazingly well-written, incredibly intriguing and asbolutely captivating.

This book really surprised me and once I started reading I could not stop. I was definitely intrigued by the premise, but I didn't expect to be hooked. I loved everything about this book. It's a bit creepy at times, but throughout the entire story, I found myself utterly and completely engrossed. If you love horror and thriller stories, then this book is perfect for you. It's sooo good!!!

I think the writing is fantastic, the pacing is great, and the plot is entertaining and suspenseful. The characters are likeable and interesting. And the overall tone of the book just had me on edge and turning the pages cause I wanted to see what would happen next. There's definitely a few twists and turns and I loved that I didn't always know where the story was going to go.

Kate Alice Marshall created a story that will captivate readers from the start and never lets them go. Definitely recommend you pick this one.