A creepy horror story which lead you down the wrong path continuously due to unreliable narrators. 

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This book has finally given my little horror loving heart everything it ever wanted from a Young Adult Horror ! Kate Alice Marshall has developed a unique story in a wonderful, slow suspense style that you would expect from a horror film. This story was completely unpredictable and I was proven wrong so many times in what I thought had happened. 

The way in which the story was told through the eyes of different characters and with video footage, the written statements, interviews and also text massages, really made it stand out above the rest. This format of story telling is perfect for horror. You slowly get to see what happen unfold and start to notice where the story doesn't match up and the small details that bring the overall story to life. 

The suspense that was built up as you were reading really had that spine chilling factor to it that gave me the creeps as I was reading. The strange weirdness of what was happening to them and the small details that Marshall added to the story to really make it so believable and had you guessing yourself.