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Wonderful book

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Annie is a physicians assistant that gets dumped by her fiancé by text, him stating that he’s realized that he’s not the marrying type. Then, mere months later she sees on a social media post that he’s getting married to ‘the one’. After this she needs to escape, so she takes a temp PA position, in Rome, Rome, Rhode Island that is. She’s vowed to give up men, and focus on herself, but then is surprised when the owner of the house she’s rents comes home early. And there is a spark between a them. Both are set against getting involved, but can’t fight their attention.

I absolutely loved this story. It was sweet, and funny. It was a wonderfully written story about love and family and fitting in. The characters felt real, and you get invested in their lives. I definitely recommend this book if you’re looking for a sweet love story with a little more to it.