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In Marina Adair's RomeAntically Challenge, the first installment in the When in Rome Contemporary romance series, this delightful new series will sweep you off your feet and leave you in stitches. For Annie Walsh, she wanted a fresh new start after her ex-fiancé ditched her before their wedding and found the "one" for him. She traveled to Rome, Rhode Island, a small town as a traveling Physician's Assistant to look for a new place and deal with a broken heart. There, she founds a place to rent with as she temporary stayed there. But during one night, she ran into Emmitt Bradley, a world-renowned photojournalist who returned from his trip to China, no less. They didn't start off in the wrong foot, when she ended up as his room mate in his house. From there, they've made a temporary arrangement as roomies. Annie, who was born in Vietnamese and adopted by American parents, wants to fit in with the other Vietnamese community in Rome. Other than her friends Lynn and Beckett, she was the new girl in town. As for Emmitt, while he's dealing with injuries from a building collapse, he wants to connect to his daughter Paisley and fit into her life. Together, the magic blossoms and the sparks fly between them when they work together to deal with their issues. They discover they were meant to be together and found each other in the end.