It was okay

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This book was just so so in my opinion. It was really really slow to start and it did not improve much as the story line continued. The writing style was fine I just could not easily get in to the characters and their personalities. Usually when I have this problem with a book I am reading I tend to read the last chapter to see if it is worth my time to finish the whole book. I did that and was then able to continue with the book. I would try reading another book by this author in the future. Maybe this one was just a fluke for me. I do not judge an author by just one book. I am hoping that she will become an author that I can like in the future because I really did like her style of writing. It was just the content I had a problem with.
I would still recommend for people to read this story. Just because I did not like it does not mean others will. I never judge an author based solely on reviews.