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This took me about nine months total to read, four months ago I actually decided to DNF at 50%, and for some reason a few days ago something made me pick it up to finish. I will say that I thought the second half was better than the first, but it still didn’t do it for me.

I found both Annie and Emmitt not particularly likeable; Annie was a total pushover and her first scene honestly made me so mad that I put the book down for five months. 😂 The instalove was too much for me and I never really cared about their romance. The flirting especially was awful, just so immature and juvenile, and the texts they sent looked like 12 year olds wrote them, with 2 and N and U instead of the actual words. Does ANYBODY actually text like that?? (Genuinely curious because doesn’t it take way more time and effort?)

There were a lot of different issues and storylines trying to be addressed, and as a result it all felt a bit shallow and chaotic and none of them were really explored deeply enough. It also needed some more editing – there were several instances where things didn't make sense: something was said and then directly contracted a few paragraphs later.

Aside from these issues, the main reason I didn’t really like this was the overall mood and the feeling it gave me. There was just so much conflict and miscommunication and angst and hurt feelings and it was truly exhausting to read, especially because I didn't care about any of the characters. This wasn’t so much in the romantic storyline, but between the main characters and everyone else. Annie and her ex, Annie and her parents, Emmitt and his daughter, Emmitt and his co-parents, Emmitt and his dad… reading this book just didn’t make me feel happy, which is like the only thing I really want out of a romantic comedy.

I’m glad I finished it, because I dislike not finishing books and the second half wasn’t as bad, but there are so many amazing romcoms out there that deserve your time more than this one.