Hilarious and Enticing

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Anh has retreated to a little cabin in Rome, Rhode Island, to lick her wounds and recover from being dumped by her fiancé. And not just dumped! He took her wedding venue, her wedding date and her grandmother’s gown to use with his new beloved. Although the scenario seems trite, it is anything but in the hands of this author who knows how to tell a good story, mixing fairy tales with reality in a laugh-out-loud way. I chuckled when I read the part about the champagne bubbles and her female parts and I laughter aloud when she discovers that Emmitt is wearing glow in the dark undies. Oh, my! This promises to be a romp through the fields of romantic discovery, with a lot of pitfalls in the way. I loved the introduction to the new characters, especially Paisley, a darling princess of a daughter to no less than three dads. Boy, do I want to know who gets the first dance at the father-daughter dance! And I want to know how Emmitt and Anh work out where he is going to sleep while he’s in town. After all, she is legally occupying his house, but he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to move out. The state of set for a funny glimpse into the lives of some really quirky characters and I can’t wait to read more!