Childrens fiction with Jewish folklore

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I was a bit hesitant to read and review this. The idea that an author would dip into sexuality with children in grades 4 to 6, ages 8 to 12 was rather alarming to me. I've worked with younger children, have children of my own, and I've also read a lot of books targeted to this age group. Sexuality isn't something authors get into. Having said that, the author does have the character Zach comment and think about his crush on a another boy. He does use he word gay, and ultimately he discovers that his crush was someone he liked because of his looks, but maybe there is more to consider in life. For some parents this might require explanations you aren't ready for with an 8 year old. .

Overall, I enjoyed the story. There were bits of Jewish folklore that I never heard of. The addition of a magic ring brings to the book a sense of excitement and adventure. While I enjoyed the character Ashmedai--who seems perfectly harmless and a bit clueless for a good bit of the book--he does come across as a character middle school children will like. The main character Zach, is well portrayed. The adventure is well done.

Overall, I feel this is an interesting story.