As a PJO fan, I love/enjoy this one!!

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Thank you to BookishFirst and the publisher for sending a hardcover copy in exchange of an honest review.

Ring of Solomon is a recent release middle grade-YA fantasy that Zach Darlington, who, after buying a mysterious ring at the local flea market, had his little life in small hometown turned topsy-turvy by monsters straight from Jewish folklore and a nefarious secret society focused on upholding an apocalyptic prophecy.

As someone who enjoys middle grade books every now and then, ROS is a refreshing adventure after finishing a streak of romance books.

The way I will describe my Ring of Solomon experience is based on how I experienced myth books, particularly the Percy Jackson universe - it's engaging, thrilling, and the story made me want to finish the book in one sitting.

Aden Polydoros did a great job in writing a Jewish/queer characters in this book and I love the way the author made Zach has his great moments.

The cover captured the essence of this book and I'm excited to read more of this series.