Middle-Grade Fun

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The cover of this book made me think of Percy Jackson middle-grade adventure books by Rick Riordan. Inside, there are some well written passages that will appeal to readers of many ages. I enjoyed the description of the young male narrator's town: "having a name that sounded suspiciously like a human organ" as well as the swap meet with fake designer purses. A few times in my life I have enjoyed looking around at swap meets or charity yard sales, so the idea of the little daughter finding an interesting piece of jewelry is entertaining and a great way to introduce the Jewish magic. However, at times, the voice of the young narrator seemed more like an adult's POV. Does a young boy really think that a 40th birthday is special and different from his mother's other birthdays? And if Mother loves Jewish and Yiddish items is a bacon entree item a good comparison ? Some of those inconsistencies took me out of the story at times. Overall though, I think this book has some good writing and promises to be enjoyable.