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magical and historical.

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Author Rita Woods is truly talented. Her writing style is unlike any other author's I've read. Her writing perfectly described the landscapes and characters to allow you be a part of the story.

Remembrance is a historical fiction & magical realism novel that follows two women - one woman in the pre-civil war era and one woman in current time. The alternating eras / POVs is a favorite of mine. In my opinion, it makes the book easier to follow and keeps my interest.

The book follows Winter through her struggles to find her place in the community and issues finding if she has powers or what those powers may be. Mother Abigail's health is failing causing boundaries to blur in Remembrance.

In current time, we find Gaelle. Gaelle takes care of an elderly woman in a nursing job whom no one can seem to get through to or connect with. She grows a bond with this woman, who happens to be Winter.

Overall, this book was a solid and easy to read book. I enjoyed it.