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I utterly loved this novel! A must read!

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Brilliant, intense, intriguing, mystical.

Remembrance is powerful, stunning, memorable, one of my favorites this year. It's historical, fantasy, magical, with a bit of paranormal. It touched my soul, took my mind into new heights of imagination, feelings untouched opened, a wound resurfaced, then healed.

The main characters each have a chapter dedicated to them, Gaelle, Winter, Margot, Abigail, their family history interwoven into the backdrop of different historical time frames. This novel is flawless, right down to the descriptive details, to the haunting choices, the plot effortlessly hits you in the end making sure you never forget this stunning piece of literature. I have to say it reminded me a bit of The Color Purple, but still is much different with respect to the strength of the female characters. I loved each one these characters from their flaws to their beauty.

In my opinion, everyone should read this beautiful novel.

Thank you Bookishfirst and the Forge/Macmillian Publishing Group, LLC for a chance of winning this novel for my honest review.