Great book!

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Thanks to Meredith Wild for a copy to read and give my honest opinion.

This author was one of the author's I tried to go to after Fifty Shades and her series didn't really do anything for me but this series is a huge improvement.

Tristan Red... has no memory other than nightmares of his previous life before he became an assassin for hire, when he stumbles on Isabel Foster. A paid hit, who knows him and his past. So his choice is to finish the job and kill the one person who knows him, or take her and run.

What did I like? The plot thickens when his choice is to kill her or to take her and run. He doesn't remember her but his body still hesitates when he has to go through these motions which is just super fun. The chemistry was there for Isabel but for some reason I'm never really feeling heat from this author.

Would I buy this book? After the Hard series was such a disappointment for me I guarantee I would have passed this book over. I will definitely start looking at her books again since this one was great.

My thoughts for the author? I'm super happy that I was picked to review this book. I was hesitant but you've proved yourself worthy after this fun read. I know as a reader I'm never going to love every book an author puts out but you have redeemed yourself! you.